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  • an ideological chasm separates the environmental policies of the two candidates, with president george w. bush favoring more use of domestic coal and oil to cut dependence on middle east oil, while kerry seeks a shift to clean energy like solar or wind power by 2020 (Environmental News Network).
  • president george w. bush at the hydrogen showcase (Chevrontexaco Corporation).
  • president george w. bush held a hydrogen showcase on feb (Chevrontexaco Corporation).
  • american electric power and eight other companies, all among the nations largest electric utilities and coal companies, announced today the formation of an alliance to support president bushs futuregen initiative, which seeks the creation of a near zero-emission power plant and hydrogen production facility with integrated carbon dioxide management (American Electr Power Company).
  • mike johanns (r) to succeed ann veneman as agriculture secretary, president bush called his pick ''a strong proponent of alternative energy sources, such as ethanol and biodiesel,'' later adding that ''in a new term, we'll continue policies that are pro-growth, pro-jobs, and pro-farmer (Working for Change).
  • president george w. bush's hydrogen fuel initiative - white house policies in focus (US News).
  • president bush hosts utc fuel cells at the white house (United Technologies).
  • significantly, among republicans (62%) and those who voted for president bush in the 2000 election (63%), support for renewables outweighs tax breaks to help energy companies build more power plants by more than a 2:1 margin (Union of Concerned Scientists).
  • during president george w. bush's second term, taulli sees promise in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, financial services, energy, defense, and network security, but he also senses possible buying opportunities in a ''kerry'' sector, such as alternative energy (Business Week).
  • the $3 million project the cost equally shared by dte energy and the doe is part of president george w. bushs hydrogen fuel initiative that will invest $1 (Dte Energy Company).

This project of the ECOresearch Network automatically provides a weekly snapshot of international Web coverage. The results reflect online attention and attitude towards the US presidential candidates. Keywords grouped by political party and geographic region summarize the key issues associated with each candidate.

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