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Welcome to the Climate Challenge

Is there climate wisdom in the crowd? To find out, invite your friends and come play the Climate Challenge — a new online competition in the tradition of “games with a purpose” that pits your predictive powers against experts opinions, and compares them with real-world observations. Have fun, and learn about climate.

The game combines practical steps to reduce your carbon footprint with questions about future climate-related conditions that we cannot answer today, but will be able to answer in the future. Can you outguess the experts? Play to find out.

Climate Challenge Features

Questions? Please take a look at the in-game Rules and FAQ sections, which provide background information on the various game types and explain how the score is being calculated.

The Climate Challenge was developed as part of the DecarboNet research project, building upon the uComp crowdsourcing engine. It is hosted by webLyzard technology and conducted in partnership with NOAA Climate.gov and WWF Switzerland.