Environmental Online Communication

Ed. A. Scharl; Springer 2004, ISBN: 1-85233-783-4. An interdisciplinary investigation of environmental communication from four interrelated perspectives: Raising Awareness, Environmental Science, Corporate Sustainability, Networks & Virtual Communities.
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Book Review in Applied Environmental Education & Communication, 4(2), 199.

The Internet and wireless communication networks are transforming the way society handles the explosive growth and dwindling half-life of environmentally relevant information. How can we leverage new technologies to advocate sustainability and the protection of natural ecosystems? This book presents an interdisciplinary investigation of this question, combining theoretical foundations of environmental online communication with pioneering conceptual work and case studies of successful information systems.

Environmental Online Communication addresses the transition to a knowledge-based economy, sheds light on hidden assumptions and misconceptions about environmental issues, and suggests priorities for research and policy development. This volume analyzes communicative strategies and processes from four interrelated perspectives:

  • Raising Environmental Awareness
  • Environmental Science
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Networks & Virtual Communities