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Ed. A. Scharl; Springer 2004, ISBN: 1-85233-783-4; An interdisciplinary investigation of environmental communication from four interrelated perspectives: Raising Awareness, Environmental Science, Corporate Sustainability, Networks & Virtual Communities.

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Part I: Raising Environmental Awareness
Public Access to Environmental Information, Online Advocacy, and Environmental Education
01: Environmental Information Systems and the Concept of Environmental Informatics
02: Mobile Access to Environmental Information
03: EnviWeb and Environmental Web Services: Case Study of an Environmental Web Portal
04: Web Coverage of Renewable Energy
05: Online Communication for Environmental Fundraising
06: How a Small Environmental Group Uses the Web to Inform and Promote Action: A Content Analysis
07: Usability Evaluation of an Environmental Web Site and its Support of the Organization’s Mission and Goals
08: EFS Global Media Network: Exploring the Boundaries of Sustainable Education
09: An Online Community of Learners in Rural, Regional, and Remote Australia
10: Self-Assessment of Consumptive Behavior Based on Material Intensity

Part II: Environmental Science
Data Sharing, Distributed Internet Computing, and Geographically Referenced Data
11: Biodiversity and the Internet: Building and Using the Virtual World Museum
12: A Global Community for Research in Climate Physics
13: Web Portal and Markup Language for Collaborative Environmental Research
14: Web-based Exploration of Environmental Data and Corresponding Metadata, in Particular Lineage Information
15: Sharing Environmental Maps on the Web: The Austrian EnviroMap System

Part III: Corporate Sustainability
Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Reporting
16: System Architecture and Maintenance of the Ecoradar Web Portal
17: Environmental Investment Sites: Sector Analysis and Development of
18: How to Provide Customized Environmental Reports Properly
19: Harmonizing Document Type Definitions for Corporate Environmental Reports
20 : Environmental Information Practices in the Chemical Industry

Part IV: Networks And Virtual Communities
Online Collaboration, Knowledge Management, Trust and Credibility
21: Epistemic Communities and Online Environmental Data Systems
22: Communication Process Analysis in Virtual Communities on Sustainable Development
23: Online Tools for a Sustainable Collaborative Economy
24: CBNRM Net: From Managing Natural Resources to Managing Ecosystems, Knowledge, and People
25: Patterns of Internet Use by Coastal Managers: Results of a Survey